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Chef Sara's Services Ideas

  • Individuals. Traveling professionals and single people who don't have time to stop and shop will appreciate a wholesome, dinner with heating instructions left in the fridg.
  • Couples. Work late, and enjoy convenient dine-in cuisine that rivals your favorite restaurant; invite friends for special occasions.
  • Working Parents. Providing healthy, family homemade meals for hectic lifestyles. Fast food stops on the way home will be a thing of the past. Dinners will be more tasty, nutritious and balanced.
  • Caregivers/Birthing Mothers. Do you know of someone unable to cook that could benefit from a healthy home cooked meal?
  • Gifts. Give a personal chef dinner gift for a fundraiser, as an anniversary gift idea, be creative!
  • Catering. Corporate events, children's parties, weddings, more.


Chef Sarah Maryatt provides services that please the palate

Chef Sarah offers personal chef services from the privacy of your home, to cooking classes and catered events.

Make your life easier. Chef Sarah can take care of planning for meals, shopping for groceries and the special art of cooking.

Your personal chef can meet your specific needs of diet and palate preferences. She can prepare meals for a family, a private party, give a gourmet meal as a gift (great fundraiser), have a cooking class with friends in your home, schedule your wedding event dinner with Sarah!

It starts with an appointment where Chef Sarah develops a delectable menu approved by you. Using only the freshest of ingredients, she then can arrange a day or more of cooking in your very own home.

What is your preference: one meal, or several? Depending on when they are to be used, she leaves the meals in the refrigerator or freezer with instructions.

You just heat and serve.

Bon appetite!.

Sarah Maryatt, Personal Chef

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